Nick White
Nick White

Nick White

Rosemount Hotel (North Perth, WA)
Thursday, 20 June 2024 6:00 pm
62 days away
18 Plus
Most kids don’t know what they want to be when they grow up, but little Nick White had a very different problem – he had no idea where to put all his tremendous, overflowing creativity. You see, much like other queer kids Nick was simply bursting at his bedazzled seams (much to the bemusement of his parents). The kid had rizz. The spark. The eternal flame. 

He tried many hobbies and many artforms, but nothing seemed to stick. Nothing seemed authentic; and thus began Nick’s journey to find the best creative outlet for his juvenile brain. Lucky for us that he finally landed on stand up comedy in adulthood. 

Much like Katy Perry when she released her breakout 2010 album, Teenage Dream (obviously) Nick White is on a career rocket ship to stardom. This is Nick’s second solo stand up comedy show after his debut, Grow Up, had a sold out run along Australia’s east coast and at 21 Soho in the UK.

After leaving his career in architecture to pursue full-time comedy, the Brisbane-born comedian spent a few years in New York City where he performed at Greenwich Village Comedy Club, The Comic Strip and Broadway Comedy Club, where he earned a residency. Now that’s just showing off. 

You probably have seen Nick’s hilarious sketch comedy on TikTok where his deeply funny and eerily familiar videos of office co-workers have been doing serious numbers. His work has been featured on HuffPost, The Independent, Junkee and you have probably heard his lovely baritone voice on the triple j airwaves.

Teenage Dream is a new hour of stand up comedy about growing up, struggling to fit in and Nick’s mother’s unhinged superstitions about dreams.